Build a Business Clients Will Value

If you are going to be successful you need a roadmap. Something or someone to guide you along your journey and help you avoid common pitfalls that cripple freelancers.

Your Value Doesn’t Decrease Based on Someone’s Inability to See Your Worth

I remember working at a company and it was time for my yearly review. After all my hard work I was rewarded with no raise and more work.

At this point I realized the only way my skills could truly be valued was to build my own business, but I didn’t know what to do or where to start? I had the technical and creative side down, but the business side of things was confusing.

I learned freelancing the hard way. I spent hours searching the internet looking for tools and business advice that could help me become a better freelancer. This was not the most efficient way to learn. Not all the information was in one place, and it was time-consuming to find.

I eventually enrolled in MBA program because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. During this time I was able to translate what I learned in my MBA to my freelance business and I began to see great results.

Unlock Your Unique Business Value

The Intersection of Business and Creativity

Though I learned useful information, business school didn’t teach me the practical business skills I needed to survive: How do I talk to clients? Pricing? Contracts? Can I make a living? These were questions only answered through the experience of working with real clients.

I don’t want you to learn the hard way through trial and error like I did. I want to empower you with everything I learned about building a business. I want you to get the start that I wish I had.

  • For any freelancer considering how to get their business to the next level — attracting better clients, improving their business — Nathan's Freelance Jumpstart is an excellent resource. I wish I had access to it when I was getting started growing my freelance business.

    Kai Davis Double Your Audience

In Less Than a Month You Will Be Able To…

Jumpstart Your Business

Your journey to launching a business begins here. Every business starts with one simple thing: creating value around an idea and making that idea happen.

Charge What You're Worth

Don’t make the mistake of trying to decide what to charge. Pricing is not a decision; it is a strategy. Discover what strategy works best and get paid based on the value you provide.

Attract High Value Clients

How do you find clients? The better question is, how can you attract the right type of clients? Structure your business to bring clients to you.

Validate Your Business Idea

What if I told you there was a way to know if your business was going to work before you invest time and money? Use your creative skills to test potential success.

Get Paid. Faster

At first, I could not get clients to pay on time and sometimes the clients would not pay at all. Currently, clients now client me how soon they can pay me.

Increase Your Ability to Win Projects

Why do some freelancers get work while others get passed over? Communication. Communicate your value using a process to present project proposals that win.

  • Freelance Jumpstart allowed me to offer more value to my clients and become more efficient in my business. I now have a newfound confidence that I am on the right path as a freelancer.

    Victor Ike Vikerious / Web Designer

Interviews from the best professionals in the world of freelancing

Brennan Dunn

Brennan began freelancer to the owner of an agency with  2 million in revenue. He now teaches freelancers how to charge what they’re worth.

Helena Price

Helena is Silicon Valley’s most wanted photographer. Helena has worked with brands such as Nike, Samsung, Uber, Dropbox and many others.

Samuel Hulick

Samuel is an UX/UI onboarding expert based in Portland, OR. He provides excellent advice on how freelancers should position themselves to win more clients.

Ryan Battles

Ryan taught himself web development and has worked with Google and presidential candidates. He is also the creator of Harpoon, a financial tool for freelancers.

Nathan Powell

With over 10 years of experience as a visual design consultant, Nathan shares the key elements of crafting a winning proposal.

Curtis McHale

Curtis is a web designer whose business erupted when he chose to specialize in ecommerce and membership websites.

Dennis Field

Dennis went from freelancer to agency founder. He has a passion to teach other designers how to get the most out of their careers.

Obinna Okongwu

Obinna is the founder of Cakewalk Films, a leading cinematography company based in Houston, TX. He shares what he’s learned in 5 years of freelancing.

Robert Williams

Robert started as a freelance designer and realized that a carefully crafted email can help you win work every time. He helps freelancers find over $50,000 worth of work a week.

Carrie Smith

Carrie is a freelance writer and consultant and is the founder of Careful Cents. After paying all of her debt she quit her full time 9-5 accounting job to pursue work that genuinely makes her happy.

Preview of an Interview In The Course

Master the Business of Freelancing

You will not find another course like this, trust me I looked around for one, and when I didn’t find it, I decide to create it. Freelance Jumpstart not only gives you a proper education on how to run your business but supports you with the people, information, and tools necessary to take action.

Each lesson is highly produced and of the utmost quality. Information has been optimized for all learning styles, whether you learn visually or by example. This includes written transcripts of each lesson and the ability to download video and audio so you can learn on the go.

You get the benefit of a behind the scenes look at how to run a successful freelance business along with everything I learned in my MBA program adapted specifically for you.


4 Freelance Questions


Solving a Problem


Your Business Name


Your Business Structure


Finding Your Value


Attracting Clients


Onboarding Clients


The Client Meeting


Uncovering Client’s Value


My Pricing Journey


Pricing Strategies


Calculate Hourly Rate


Understanding Sales Tax


Invoicing and Getting Paid


Managing Your Finances


Writing a Proposal


Creating a Contract


Crafting a Portfolio

Everything You Need, All in One Place

Freelance Guidebook

Step by step guides to the essentials of pursuing a career as a freelancer. Available in PDF, ePub, Mobi formats.

Video Interviews

Over 5 hours of video from successful freelancers who started their own business and reached success in their respective fields.

Video Lessons

Video walkthroughs on determining your price, segmentation, marketing, overcoming failure and setting yourself up for success.

Freelance Checklist

This checklist is a great compliment to the guidebook. It touches on essential points to launching a business or redefining your existing business.

Document Templates

Ready to use emails, client agreements, and invoices. Customize them to match your business branding and specifics.


You are not alone. Many other freelancers have dealt with the exact situations you face in your business. Ask questions, share stories and get inspired.

Unlimited Access

Access the course from anywhere with an internet connection. Once you’re apart of the freelance jumpstart community, you instantly gain access to all future content.

Invoicing System

Your very own customizable invoicing template. Send visually appealing invoices to your clients with the option to make a payment online.

Responsive Design

This course was designed to allow for learning on the go. The course will look amazing on desktop, mobile device or tablet.

  • Freelance Jumpstart fills in the gaps and answers the questions you did not even know you needed to ask. I was impressed by the quality of videos and the content included with the guide.

    Benjamin Risser Product Developer

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Is Freelance Jumpstart for me?

Yes! This course is for any creative in the digital space that would like to begin a business. The principles in the course apply to a wide range of business models: photographers, developers, designers, writers, and more can all benefit from this course.

I just started, can the course help?

Yes! This course was created for those who are starting out as well as freelancers who have experience. The course walks through how to start your business all the way to repositioning your business if your established

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Yes! Once you purchase the class you have access immediately. There is no expiration date for the course and you can review the lessons and interviews as much as you would like.

Will I have time for the course?

Yes! The course is setup for you to go at your own pace. The lessons are available for you online and you can download the video and audio content to your device.

Will there be updates to the course?

Yes! Once you join the Freelance Jumpstart community you gain access to all future content produced for the course. The course will only get more valuable.

Will I like the course?

Yes, I believe you will. I spent 2 years finding out the top challenges for freelancers and this course is the answer.  I’m here to listen to any improvements you have for the course. I am so confident in the quality of the course I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Hey, I’m Nathan Allotey.
I thrive at empowering freelancers and entrepreneurs reach their goals using digital marketing and business expertise.

After learning some marketable skills with the Adobe suite, I jumped into the world of freelancing and I spent countless nights searching the web to trying to learn the business of freelancing the hard way.

I soon realized I needed to learn what “I didn’t know” about business, this led me to pursue my MBA and has equipped me to be a more effective entrepreneur. I want to help you get the start that I didn’t have and help you reach success faster.

When I am not teaching freelancers to level up their business you can find me on twitter, writing on my blog and working with brands expand their reach on the web.